How to Setup Windows 10 for Java Development

Here is the Guide to Download and Install JDK and Eclipse IDE in Windows 10 for Programming using Java Language.

The first thing that you have to do for developing Java Programs in your windows 10 Computer is to Download and install the JDK ( Java Development Kit ).

Installing JDK will give access to all the programs you need for Programming in Java. You get Java Compiler, Java Interpreter ( JVM - the Java Virtual Machine ) etc.

After installing JDK you need to make sure that java programs installed by JDK are accessible from every other folder in your file system. To do that you need to set the Path environment variable with the JDK installation location.

Watch this below video to download and install JDK and to set up Path Environment variable.

Downloading and Installing JDK and Setting up Path Environment variable

After that you need an editor or an IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) for writing and executing java programs easily. Using an IDE will simplify this process a lot.

There are many IDE's available for java development but the most widely used ide is eclipse.

First we need to download the installer from eclipse official website and when we run this installer and we can select the packages to install.

Watch this below video to download and install eclipse IDE.

Downloading and Installing Eclipse Ide for Java Development