C Example Program to Add Two Numbers Entered By the User

Here we have a C example program to add two numbers entered by the User

In this program first we ask the user to enter two Numbers. Then we use the Addition Operator available in c language to perform the addition.

You can make this program to work for Subtraction, Multiplication and Division just by changing the operator.

Example C Program to Add two Numbers

 1 #include <stdio.h>
 3 int main()
 4 {
 5     int num1,num2,result;
 6     printf("Enter the Number 1\n");
 7     scanf("%d",&num1);
 8     printf("Enter the Number 2\n");
 9     scanf("%d",&num2);
11     result = num1+num2;
13     printf("%d + %d = %d",num1,num2,result);
15     return 0;
16 }

Watch this video to learn how this works